Custom Interior Doors in Buckinghamshire

Looking for interior doors that perfectly fit the style of your property? Look no further.

You can order your preferred style — modern, traditional, pine Victorian, cottage or barn — and have your pre-finished doors made-to-measure in our Specials factory.

Choose from a number of finishes, from smooth or veneer MDF to lacquered or pre-painted solid wood in a variety of colours, and rest assured all our primed interior doors are meticulously manufactured with superior engineered components and delivered to the highest quality standards.

Our pre-finished, custom interior doors in Buckinghamshire can be made in any size to a maximum of 2,500mm in height and 45mm in thickness. We also provide custom frames to suit your chosen style.

Are FD30 fire retardant interior doors what you are after? We also stock them. Have a look at our range below and give us a call to discuss your bespoke requirements when you have selected your preferred style.

Bespoke Internal Doors

If you want to enhance the look of your home, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your new custom interior doors from W.H Carden Ltd, regardless of whether you opt for interior doors in black, white or wood, or any of the other options we offer.

 The role of the internal doors is to provide privacy, security, warmth and a sense of quiet whilst also supporting the flow of space in your home.  Interior doors do so much more than just shut out nasty draughts, as they can add a touch to your home that reflects your own tastes and personality. 

Making Your House Your Home With Bespoke Internal Doors

Every home is different, and you’ll have your own individual style, design and preferences, and updating your inside doors can be a quick way to make your home’s rooms feel cosier, and lighter, or bigger and more functional.

These essential pieces of furniture can instantly transform your home, as they can be both functional as well as a form to make a statement. Trends come and go, but at W.H. Carden Ltd, we can offer you a choice of bespoke interior doors that can make it appear as though you’ve acquired a whole new home!

Our glazed internal doors can completely reinvigorate your home’s interior. We can help you determine which type of door would be best for your needs, depending on where the door will be placed and how often the door will be used and whether blocking noise is important to you.

Bespoke Options

Our hand-made bespoke interior doors achieve a high level of attention to detail which you simply won’t have from a mass-produced door.

And with our wide variety of materials on offer, there are plenty of decor options to explore that will complement either your modern or traditional styles. Some of our internal door styles come pre-finished to save on installation time – such as our choice of white or black doors, whilst others can be painted to match a room’s existing look, which means there is something for every indoor space – we only use high-quality materials from our woodcuts, to the fixtures and finishes.

We have doors that suit everyone’s styles and wallets. They are responsibly sourced so that you can close the door on your conscience as well.

We stock literally hundreds of high-quality styles of doors in many different sizes so you can find the perfect match. If you want the more classic style of door, you can choose from our wood selection of interior doors, which are available in Oak, Prefinished Walnut, Verde, Pine and White Prefinished, grey and Shaker. Or perhaps you fancy something more contemporary – whatever you want, we can supply it.

Our professional team of highly skilled experts make all of our interior door services – and we pride ourselves in producing only the best doors with our workmanship and installation.

If you want great looking, cost-effective interior doors which are unique to your home, give W.H Carden Ltd a call today or pop along to their showroom to see what they have to offer.