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Oak Garage Doors

These pairs of oak garage doors are designed to complement our range of Oak entrance doors and are supplied with a factory water based coating of clear lacquer. Once installed the doors must be fully sealed with the required number of coats (usually 3) of an exterior grade protective finish; particular attention must also be paid to all edges (tops & bottoms). It is also important that regular maintenance be undertaken to ensure longevity. The doors are 44mm thick, have square meeting stiles and are supplied with a loose slamming strip.
Nationwide delivery available so please contact us to order any of these doors…
Chevron Oak Garage Doors


1981 x 2134mm    44mm 2134 x 2134mm    44mm
Modena Oak Garage Doors


1981 x 2134mm    44mm 2134 x 2134mm    44mm